Virginia’s most profitable nursing homes – also some of the worst?

A little reminder: For profit healthcare is a thing in the United States. Tylenol makes money for Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer made billions on Zoloft before generic forms became available in 2006.  Your neurosurgeon may get a bonus this year, if he or she performs high dollar surgeries on patients or exceeds their RVUs.  Healthcare and…[Read More]

So why are the laws written to protect companies not patients in Virginia Nursing Homes

So, I get asked the following questions all the time: What are the laws to protect seniors in Virginia nursing homes?   Answer: NONE (ok, slight exaggeration. There are some federal laws and some basic licensing requirements for facilities)  What is the rule about nurses / patient ratios in Virginia nursing homes?    Answer: NONE…[Read More]

Dehydration in Virginia nursing home patients – yes, we have a problem

My four year old gets dehydrated easily – I must encourage and remind her to drink her water. With encouragement (and a glass or bottle of cold clean water) she will drink up. My Mother (sorry Mom, telling on you too) gets dehydrated easily – but, with encouragement, and an ice cold glass of water…[Read More]

Why does the nursing home want you to agree to give up your right to a jury trial and sign an arbitration agreement?

Whether you realized or not, when you signed the contract for your cell phone, you likely signed what is called an Arbitration Agreement. It likely said something like: The Purchaser agrees to waive her or her right to bring any action against the Cell Phone company in state or federal courts, but instead agrees to…[Read More]

Retirement Planning and Continuing Care Communities: Myth v. Reality

Our local business magazine just ran a thorough and thoughtful article on retirement planning. It shows pictures of youthful seniors doing water aerobics, swinging on a lake-side hammock and more. The article highlights idyllic retirement where assets cover comfortable living and seniors have choices.  Yes, some people (those blessed with good health and good jobs…[Read More]