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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Over-Medication in nursing homes

For years our industry has been aware of a terrible and heart breaking issue related to over-medication of elderly patients in long term care facilities. Let’s face it – a CNA cannot properly care for 30 residents that are mobile, walking, fall risks, who need help getting to the bathroom, dining room, getting dressed etc….[Read More]

Ask for the policies and procedures when your loved one is in a Virginia nursing home

Sometimes, law makers do act with a desire to protect the public. Through Virginia law does not have laws that address staffing in nursing homes (meaning the number of patients one nurse or CNA can serve), there are written rules and laws that affect how licensed nursing homes should be providing care. One of the…[Read More]

Virginia adopts long-term care rules

I read in today’s Roanoke Times an article reporting action taken by the State Corporation Commission to reduce the burden of ever increasing premiums on long-term care insurance policies.  This is a great idea.  A study conducted by Virginia’s Bureau of Insurance revealed state regulators approved 82 long-term rate increases sought by 33 insurance companies…[Read More]

How to file a complaint about a nursing home

I am grateful we live in a country where consumers have a choice of the products and services they buy. Occasionally, you may live in a rural or remote part of the country where you only have a few choices – one car dealer, one dentist, one grocery store, one nursing home. So what do…[Read More]

Is an assisted living facility a health care provider?

I live in an area where retirees and healthcare are big business. Some of the largest and most profitable employers in the area are our hospitals, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities. Billboards interrupt our pastoral landscape with images of happy seniors, smiling and laughing over a glass of wine, or relaxing in a…[Read More]

Why Medicare Ratings for Nursing Homes matter

Would you eat at a restaurant the local health department has rated a D in food safety? Probably not knowingly. So why then, do families place their loved ones in facilities that Medicare has openly rated a 1 out of 5 stars on patient safety? Hopefully, families don’t do this knowingly. They sadly didn’t realize…[Read More]

An exclusive club with an entrance fee of $100,000?

A friend and fellow Virginia lawyer has just published a great blog about continuing care retirement communities. You know, those fancy retirement communities with golf carts, fine dining and outdoor pools? Robert Haley, Esquire of advises clients who are making retirement plans, drafting Wills, Trusts, etc. and often helps clients evaluate the contractual agreements…[Read More]

Fellow Virginians: What has your experience been with the nursing home industry?

I must confess.  My law firm represents residents and their families in cases of abuse and neglect against the nursing home industry in Virginia.  We only see the bad cases involving falls, pressure sores, dehydration, malnutrition, and even physical assault. Please consider this my invitation to post your experiences with nursing homes in the western…[Read More]