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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Why not all neglect meets the high standard for filing a lawsuit

I had to tell a loving family member today that she didn’t have a lawsuit against a local nursing facility on her Father’s behalf. Though mistakes had been made, and the potential for harm existed, thankfully, their loved one was not injured, and under Virginia law, a claim or lawsuit alleging neglect would not be…[Read More]

Hate to say I told you so – Falls / Overmedication in Virginia Nursing Homes

It seems National Public Radio is digging in to America’s long term care industry and examining issues of patient safety and care. Last week they did a feature on falls. Yesterday this great feature aired about the use of anti-psychotic medications in elderly patients. Medications that the FDA warns should not be used in such…[Read More]

Falls in a Virginia nursing homes lead to death and serious injury

Take 5 minutes to listen to this very tragic but accurate report done by National Public Radio: The sad fact is that falls can cause permanent injuries and death in elderly patients. In the last few years, we have represented MANY Virginia families in fall cases. Fall causes hip fracture, elderly man v. local…[Read More]

Over prescribing medications for nursing home patients

We see it all the time. Someone is admitted to a long term care facility in Virginia (nursing home or assisted living) and their medications are immediately changed. Within days, the nursing staff finds some behavioral issue (falls, wandering, lack of appetite, depression, aggression, refusal to comply with staff requests) with the resident and asks…[Read More]

The scary truth about urinary tract infections in long term care setting

Have you noticed that when mama gets a UTI, she gets confused? She feels weak, sleepy and has no energy? Have you also noticed that when she gets the right antibiotic, drinks more water, she feels better in a few days? According to the National Institute of Health, “most urinary tract infections are caused by…[Read More]

Caring for a disabled or elderly loved one in Virginia from out of state

I get it. I get it because I’ve been there. You have a loved one who is disabled or older and you are states away. You can’t be there to visit daily, check on home health, interview aides, complain to the nursing home administrator or tell your loved one in person they are loved. When…[Read More]

Even the federal government knows nursing homes are hurting and killing people!

So one plus of having billions of our tax dollars going to pay for Granny’s nursing home stay (Medicare pays first 100 days typically and then if Granny qualifies, Medicaid pays the remainder) is that the feds keep a close eye on their money. And last year, the feds released a four year study that…[Read More]

Criminal conviction stands for neglect in group home

In November of last year a Southside Virginia group home operator was convicted and sentenced for criminal abuse and neglect for failing to obtain sufficient medical care for an injured group home resident. The Court of Appeals in Virginia, has just upheld the court’s conviction. Often we will receive calls from family members whose loved…[Read More]

Nursing Homes can be Bad for your Health

Did you know that more than 1 out of every 5 (22%) Medicare beneficiaries experience lasting harm from their stay in a nursing home? Did you know that nearly two-thirds (59%) of the above “adverse events” were deemed preventable by physicians who reviewed the circumstances which lead to the residents’ harm? Did you know that…[Read More]