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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Virginia’s most profitable nursing homes – also some of the worst?

A little reminder: For profit healthcare is a thing in the United States. Tylenol makes money for Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer made billions on Zoloft before generic forms became available in 2006.  Your neurosurgeon may get a bonus this year, if he or she performs high dollar surgeries on patients or exceeds their RVUs.  Healthcare and…[Read More]

So why are the laws written to protect companies not patients in Virginia Nursing Homes

So, I get asked the following questions all the time: What are the laws to protect seniors in Virginia nursing homes?   Answer: NONE (ok, slight exaggeration. There are some federal laws and some basic licensing requirements for facilities)  What is the rule about nurses / patient ratios in Virginia nursing homes?    Answer: NONE…[Read More]

Dehydration in Virginia nursing home patients – yes, we have a problem

My four year old gets dehydrated easily – I must encourage and remind her to drink her water. With encouragement (and a glass or bottle of cold clean water) she will drink up. My Mother (sorry Mom, telling on you too) gets dehydrated easily – but, with encouragement, and an ice cold glass of water…[Read More]

Retirement Planning and Continuing Care Communities: Myth v. Reality

Our local business magazine just ran a thorough and thoughtful article on retirement planning. It shows pictures of youthful seniors doing water aerobics, swinging on a lake-side hammock and more. The article highlights idyllic retirement where assets cover comfortable living and seniors have choices.  Yes, some people (those blessed with good health and good jobs…[Read More]

Why nursing home policies and procedures are so important

Have you every heard the phrase – honesty is the best policy? It is an ironic truism. True, because honesty is always preferable to the opposite, dishonesty, and yet ironic because why do we as humans need a policy (a written rule) encouraging honesty? Shouldn’t honesty be innate? Shouldn’t we know to tell the truth, without…[Read More]

Use of Haldol for dementia / Alzheimer’s patients in nursing homes

So the FDA says the following about using Haldol for a dementia / Alzheimer’s patient in a nursing home. Read it carefully, the language is not soft but very clear:  WARNING Increased Mortality in Elderly Patients with Dementia-Related Psychosis: Elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis treated with antipsychotic drugs are at an increased risk of death….[Read More]