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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Hate to say I told you so – Falls / Overmedication in Virginia Nursing Homes

It seems National Public Radio is digging in to America’s long term care industry and examining issues of patient safety and care. Last week they did a feature on falls. Yesterday this great feature aired about the use of anti-psychotic medications in elderly patients. Medications that the FDA warns should not be used in such…[Read More]

Over-Medication of Virginia Nursing Home Residents

The over-medication of nursing home patients is a major problem.

By overmedication, I don’t mean too many pills for various acute or chronic conditions – but rather, whether patients are given too much of a medication such that their behavior was altered, or their behavior subdued.

Think overdose. Think somnolent, sleepy, not easy to awake, “out of it,” drugged, etc.

The U.S. Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services has been encouraging nursing home physicians to find alternatives for the overuse of anti-psychotics in elderly patients. Doctors were prescribing drugs like Haldol, Seroquel, or Abilify to dementia patients despite warnings that such medications are not approved for use in elderly populations.

What happens when nursing home residents get too many antipsychotic drugs?

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